Any creation takes time and patience. However, with a prudent companion, it becomes easier and quicker. It holds true even for the training and development domain. Creating eLearning courses on an authoring tool need not be time-consuming or limited to just a few people in the training department.

Game-Changing Authoring Tools For Seamless Learning

A rapid content authoring tool lets anyone create engaging courses and host them on any platform. Before we delve deeper, let’s review a few scenarios:

  • A mutual fund and stock market expert wants to create short eLearning courses for his customers and readers. He wants to host it on his website to create a knowledge bank that is not a one-sided monologue. He wants the readers to have control, learn, assess themselves, and reach out to his team for any queries. He believes that, through eLearning, readers will get clarity on what they want. An informed customer forms a long-term relationship.
  • An organization wants to convert its video-based courses into learner-centric eLearning courses. They want a tool that allows any of their employees to create the courses.
  • A manufacturing company has expanded its market overseas. Their product department wants to quickly translate a product usage manual into another language, both for their sales team and customers. Similarly, the safety department wants to translate the safety procedures into the local languages of the workers.
  • A government department wants to host a cybersecurity awareness program on its website for the benefit of the general public.
  • A sales manager wants to share sales training courses with his team on-field on their mobile devices for quick reference.
  • The HR team wants to create DEI and POSH courses for the employees and share them over email.
  • An NGO wants to design hygiene courses for communities in the remote rural belt.

These are just a handful of cases. Various industries, departments, and people can create courses to upskill and reskill their staff, customers, and other stakeholders. Can they do it without complete dependency on the training team so that the learning and development of the employees are more robust? Also, if the eLearning courses can be hosted on other platforms other than the LMS, their accessibility increases manyfold. Therefore, the best eLearning authoring tools and software will help in a quicker turnaround of digital courses and rapid delivery of learning in the moment of need.

Key Aspects Of An Agile Authoring Tool

Ease Of Course Creation

Ease of course creation is marked by rapid development and is easy to build. It comprises a user-friendly interface and a repository of templates. It supports learning delivery at various touch points.

A comprehensive and wide collection of templates unleashes the creative potential of the author for designing a course. For example, one can present the various risk assessment terms as hotspots or choose a carousel to present them with examples.

The tool offers fields to capture the author’s inputs without the latter having to use any code. Therefore, anyone can create a course, be it a sales manager, Subject Matter Expert (SME), HR team, technical team, distributor, or just anyone.

A user-friendly interface lets the author create with ease and lets the learner navigate seamlessly through the course. The design has an important role to play in this. “Design is intelligence made visible,” Alina Wheeler has said.

An effective web authoring tool provides an array of color schemes and designs themes to create engaging courses for every type of learning style. These eLearning courses are responsive and mobile-first and adapt to different screen sizes.

The on-screen text can be synced to audio. One can upload the audio files or just use a built-in text-to-speech feature with a versatile collection of voices.

The visual menu helps guide the learner on their learning journey.


Globalization and technological evolution have brought a convergence of diverse people working for any organization. They are spread across various cultures and geographical boundaries. They deal with various customers who speak a different language. Learning has to be done in a language that the employees and customers understand.

Online courses can be translated into various languages in dynamic content management tools.


A new age SCORM-compliant authoring tool supports multiple platforms and is compatible with SCORM 1.2/2004 output.

Being SCORM 1.2/2004, these courses can be easily hosted on the platform of choice. The staff could be front-end or back-end, working at home or on the field. Learning delivery can be deepened by going beyond the Learning Management System (LMS). The eLearning courses can be shared as a link on an email, mobile device, website, etc., without the learner having to log in. It opens the field for eLearning courses for customers and the public, too.

Assessments And Remediation

Unique assessment templates help test the learner on the application of knowledge. There is no failure. Practice and become a pro. Remediation helps the learners revisit the content until they have understood the concept.

These are a few features that can make a web authoring tool stand out in the crowd.

Conclusion is one of the best eLearning authoring tools and personifies ease, effectiveness, and efficiency in the development of eLearning courses. Everyone can create beautiful, fully responsive, and interactive courses using 50+ spontaneous templates seamlessly. These courses can be delivered on any device instantly.

Whether it is SMEs, HR, Learning and Development (L&D), Instructional Designers, eLearning developers, or even an executive from your leadership, everyone can not only create but quickly update and distribute instantly to the learners. Anyone can build engaging courses on without any prior coding knowledge. The biggest advantage is that courses built on can be hosted on any platform. is powered by Tesseract Learning, a world leader and creative explorer in eLearning content and learning technology with KREDO, a learning platform, and, an authoring tool.

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