Let’s delve into a scenario to understand it better.

A client approached us with the goal of developing a comprehensive risk management course through a rapid authoring tool. Their specific request included a desire for a diverse array of templates and gamified assessments. However, they emphasized a critical aspect – they weren’t just aiming for employees to pass exams; they wanted a deep understanding of concepts and the ability to apply knowledge in real situations.

The eLearning partner said: “It is not important for our employees to just pass the exam. We want them to understand each concept and then answer the questions as if they must act in a real situation.

Can we have a way of allowing the learners to go back to the course, read, revise, and then take the question with a better understanding of the content?”

The challenge was to enable learners to revisit relevant course sections after each knowledge check, fostering a continuous learning process.

In-response to this need, our new-age rapid authoring tool, incorporates a feature known as “remediation” that allows the learner to revisit the portion of the course to which the knowledge check pertains. This serves as a powerful scaffolding method for learning and training.

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” ~ Henry Ford seamlessly integrates remediation in each of its knowledge check templates as well as assessments at the end of the course.

You only fail when you stop trying! Remediation does not let you fail; it makes learning a continuous journey.

“Failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~ Winston Churchill

To demonstrate how this works in, consider our course, “Basics of Retail”

Located on the right corner is the remediation feature, presented as a drop-down menu.

This drop-down automatically displays all the topics covered in the course. The author has the simple task of selecting the relevant topic for the learner to revisit at the feedback stage.

In, authors can include assessment at the end of the course and the assessment template has an in-built result page. Importantly, each question in the template includes a remediation option.

The easy-to-use authoring tool allows the author to lock the screen for questions so that the learner can proceed with a course only after getting the correct answer to an assessment question.

With a rich palette of templates and multiple hosting options, the remediation feature is a game changer. It is the most sought-after feature by learning and development professionals.

Conclusion is a new-age eLearning authoring tool that is synonymous with ease, rapid course creation, and effectiveness. Anyone can create fully responsive and interactive courses using 70+ spontaneous templates seamlessly. These courses can be hosted on any platform, such as any LMS (SCORM files), website and message apps, etc. This rapid authoring tool redefines the ease of content creation and content delivery, deepening learner engagement.

Whether you’re a team leader, subject matter expert (SME), HR professional, Learning and Development (L&D) specialist, or an eLearning developer, you have the flexibility to create courses in multiple languages. Your employees, customers, and other stakeholders across the globe can easily access these courses in their language of preference. You can efficiently create, update, and distribute courses to learners precisely when they need them.

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