Let’s look at a scenario.

A government education department aims to make available the previous 20 years’ questions and answers (QnAs) of its competitive exams through eLearning. With the aim of training aspirants for various competitive exams, they wants to give free access to the database of QnAs across many subjects. That would be around 10,000+ questions with answers.

Can this ambitious goal be realized? Absolutely, but the key lies in the approach.

Here are two options for creating a question bank in eLearning. Which option would you prefer?
o Upload the Qn As as resources, (PDFs, images, etc.)
o Create assessments using an authoring tool.

If your inclination was towards the first option, consider this: merely adding documents as resources lacks learner engagement.

Assessments in Authoring Tool

Building and/or publishing assessments in an authoring tool proves more engaging and has better learning outcomes.
• Learners actively participate by attempting the questions.
• Detailed feedback will explain the rationale for the right answer.
• Remediation feature allows the learners to practice until they get it right.

Regardless of the question volume, eLearning assessment templates facilitate the swift creation of multiple-choice questions.

Assessment in

Let’s navigate through assessment creation in
When creating a course, enable the option to add assessments.

Once enabled, you get the following options:

• Pool Questions: Establish a question bank.
• Randomize Questions: Shuffle questions order for a dynamic assessment experience
• Assessment feedback and remediation: Customizable options
• Passing Score: Set the benchmark for success.

Prodient assessment 1

The assessment set boasts an inbuilt result page, allowing the addition of any number of questions in various formats– single choice, multiple choice, sorting, drag and drop, sliders, and more.

Each question is equipped with a remediation feature, utilizing weblinks, uploaded document, or course page name.

For the course page name option, the drop-down will automatically reflect all the topics created in the course. You simply need to choose the relevant topic for the learner to revisit at the feedback stage. offers ready-made fields for authors to populate with content for questions, options, instruction text, and so on.

Create an expansive question bank effortlessly and provide accessible learning to a global audience.


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