Introduction Summary

Various responsible and value-driven companies publish information on their websites to enhance their readers’ awareness and alertness, be it information about products, industry, do’s and don’ts, or regulations. But is there any method that is more engaging than videos and articles? Custom eLearning courses can be published on the website for a wider range of customers and website visitors. In this article, we will explore how you can publish eLearning courses on the rapid authoring tool so that information can be disseminated engagingly.


Before we proceed, let’s consider a couple of scenarios.

A government department desires to publish a short awareness course on its website, aiming for user engagement and alertness, potentially incorporating assessments!

With the aim of educating people on stock market investment, a financial company dealing in stocks has created a huge collection of educational videos for its readers, customers, and other website visitors. However, they want to make it interactive, along with assessments. They also aim to link assessment feedback to their customer care so that all queries can be instantly resolved and plan to publish finance-related awareness courses on the website.

A product company intends to create a product usage video but seeks interactivity for customer rather than a one-sided monologue.

These scenarios represent just a few examples of the diverse requirements for courses on the client’s website. How can these be achieved with shorter creation time? One efficient methods is to create courses on a rapid authoring tool, publish them as links, and embed them on your website.

Prodient is a new-age authoring tool that is synonymous with ease of course creation and ease of course delivery. This rapid authoring tool gives an advantage to custom eLearning development.

It has 70+ spontaneous templates to create fully responsive courses on the go.

Anyone can create courses on this rapid authoring tool, whether it’s a manager, team member, SME, HR, Learning and Development (L&D), or eLearning developer.

Once created,, these eLearning courses can be hosted on any platform, published as SCORM files and as links.

Organizations that want to publish eLearning modules on their website can easily embed this link.

Prodient eLearning courses can be updated and distributed at the moment of need. Courses can be created in multiple languages so that customers around the globe can access them in their preferred language. Scalability is key to custom eLearning development.

eLearning for Customers

The question arises that why should companies invest in eLearning for customer or website visitors?
• It enables reaching millions of customers worldwide, expanding the course’s reach beyond traditional formats.
• The courses are self-paced, allowing website visitors to peruse them at their convenience.
• Multiple content presentation formats, such as videos, audio, interactive templates, and other resources enhance the learning experience.
• Assessments or knowledge checks can be integrated to eLearning modules, offering a more comprehensive evaluation compared to videos or articles alone.
• Advanced features such as linking customer support to assessment feedback, provide instant remedies, including connecting with experts within the company.

eLearning offers higher impact and engagement than just articles and videos, with the latter serving as supplementary resources within the modules.
According to the research from Talented Learning, trained customers use products more often. Taking the responsibility to educate the website visitors about the product and the associated industry wins trust, credibility, and goodwill for the company. The organization is considered to be a thought leader in their domain. This approach not only increases customer satisfaction but also allows organizations to upsell their products by showcasing their benefits to well-informed customers.


Streamline the process of building and delivering courses to a broader audience using a rapid authoring tool like It’s diverse array of templates facilitates coding-free course creation, allowing easy publication on any platform.

Our team of eLearning experts can also create beautiful, engaging courses that you can add to your website.

Make the process of custom eLearning development more diverse.
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